For years sugar-free pastille brand Läkerol had been using comedy as a marketing platform, but a decrease in sales and brand love meant a radical change was needed. Läkerol needed to engage its core target group of women aged over 30. In Denmark, new Nordic cuisine and food events, food magazines and blogs were booming. But in such a cluttered food market, how could Läkerol position itself as a healthy choice for consumers on the go?


Insight & Idea

Our focus group showed that Läkerol was seen by women as their little guilt-free treat that they always had in their bag and car. The study also showed that the women had obvious favourite Läkerol flavours, which could be a challenge for a new flavour launch. We found that a certain flavour could recall memories, for example of a warm summer’s day on the beach. Our sense of taste uses all the senses and imagination, so we realised that the campaign would need a visual touch.

The aim was to launch Läkerol’s new Raspberry Lemongrass flavour and strengthen the bond between Läkerol and female consumers in a highly competitive market. We knew our main competitors were also launching new sugar-free sweets so we needed to be creative. We decided on the theme Taste is Beautiful. The idea was simple: we wanted three female photographers to freely interpret Läkerol’s new Raspberry Lemongrass flavour. Women’s websites, digital billboards, stores and postcards featured the content.