Chando is one of China’s home-grown beauty companies which has a big ambition to win in China’s Single’s Day, November 11 – the largest online shopping event in the world. While 11.11 is a great opportunity to launch its latest lipstick line ‘Sweet Gradient’, Chando is just a small fish in a big ocean of beauty brands, with over 500 competing to get consumers’ ‘share of lips’ for that day.


Insight & Idea

Chando is going after trendsetter millennials who like experimenting. What we uncovered is that these millennials tend to be serial role-changers who like to transform into a digital persona swiftly using make-up, depicting a desire to expand into a wider dimension from their ordinary lives. We call this phenomenon –the second dimension. This eventually gave rise to an emerging sub-culture of ACGN (animation, comic, gaming and novel). This role-playing obsession is also fuelled by e-gaming and many big TV drama shows. We created a game-changing strategy by creating a seamless and unified idea of ‘Adorable Princess of The Second Dimension’, using Chando’s brand endorser Zhao Li Ying. We created four second-dimension characters to represent Sweet Gradient’s four lipstick variants on TV, gaming and online.


On TV, we identified three of the strongest e-novel inspired drama series on Hunan PSTV and co-sponsored each of them, and we created three unique storylines and matched four characters from the drama with each lipstick. Online, on Weibo, we created four comic strips of stories featuring the four princesses, demonstrating their own personality.

Custom lipstick social emojis were also created to represent the personalities of the four princesses.

For gaming, we created a platform that encouraged consumers to collect Chandolipsticks as game currency to unlock secret weapons and redeem special discounts to Chando’s Official E-Commerce site on Tmall.