Ramadan and Eid are two of the most important travel periods for Middle Eastern airlines. Reservations increase by up to 200% and prices rise by up to 85% during this peak season, and in previous years, customers had vented about the seasonal high prices on Jazeera Airways social media platforms. To prevent such complaints, we needed to build on the positive emotions associated with Ramadan and Eid to create engagement and strengthen the airline’s bond with its customers.


Insight & Idea

The spirit of Ramadan calls on people and businesses to reflect and abstain from profit motives, and people react badly to price increases correlated with the holy month. Media habits change during Ramadan, and TV viewing hours increase by 15% as most people spend more time at home watching their favourite Ramadan series with family and friends. Social listening revealed that a large amount of the increased traffic on social media revolved around conversations about these series.


We wanted to find a way to link Jazeera Airways to TV, and specifically to people’s favourite TV series, without spending large sums of money on paid media. To capitalise on the increase in social media activity during the Eid holidays, we decided to create a competition to engage our audience. The competition was called ‘Hear it. Guess it. Win it.’ and would invoke the spirit of Ramadan to effectively channel social media conversation.