We needed to create a link between cheese brand Jibnet Abu Al Walad (JAW) and Ramadan to try to reverse a declining market share with a digital-only budget.

The objective was to increase market share in Saudi Arab kingdom after a decline, and defend our market leadership in Oman & Jordan.

Our challenges were to:

  • Carve a role for JAW during Ramadan
  • Portray JAW’s versatility
  • Appeal to Moms
  • Entertain, not advertise


The entire processed cheese category is steadily declining but we needed to create a link between Jibnet Abu Al Walad (JAW) and the month-long feast of Ramadan. Every brand fights to get its place on the Iftar table – the meal eaten at Ramadan after sunset – but JAW is only viewed as a breakfast option for children. While the Ramadan fight takes place on TV territory, we can’t afford to do so.

Suhoor, the meal consumed at pre-dawn to help Muslims prepare for their fast, is particularly important to moms, especially when she has children who are first-time fasters.

Moms want Suhoor meals to be easy, quick, and nutritious to give energy for her family to last through out the day’s fast. Because our JAW mom always supports her kid’s ambitions, she knows that during Ramadan, one of the biggest ambitions for children is to last from sunrise to sunset.

During Ramadan, the love for series watching is enhanced for our target audience, and binge watching becomes a beloved habit after Iftar.

Watch time for cooking videos starts to increase steadily a month before Ramadan, and peaks at almost 30% higher than average in the first week. Searches for recipes also spike 50% higher than the annual average. In Ramadan, audiences watch more videos in long formats – with a 60% growth YOY.

Strategy & Idea

We established JAW as mom’s partner in fuelling her children ahead of the day’s fast and their ambitions through a delicious Suhoor in the form of entertainment.

Knowing the popularity of series/dramas during Ramadan, the cost-effective platform of Shahid.net (where moms were usually catch-up on beloved Ramadan dramas) allowed us to borrow ingredients of popular shows (suspense, drama, cooking) to create our own entertaining content.

After YouTube, Shaid.net is the biggest VOD platform in the region, and witnesses a +450% increase during Ramadan, with 26 million unique visitors, of which 51% are females. Our small budget only allowed us to communication on YouTube and Facebook.


We positioned JAW as the ideal product for Suhoor, particularly for new or younger fasters. We developed a series of short episodes on both Shahid.net and YouTube. We appealed to Moms (and kids alike) but creating a cooking competition that placed the meal-prep emphasis on the children as they took charge of not only creating family meals but also talking about their ambitions and how they will actively pursue these dreams. The cooking competition portrayed JAW’s versatility and shifted its perception as a sandwich spread to one that has multiple uses (the winning recipe was a mango blend).

We partnered with Digital Media Services (DMS) to produce the show and well-known host Malek Maktabi directed the episodes.


Our show, “A Suhoor for Every Ambition”, featured five children with their moms, hosted by another child, to compete as they created the most delicious, easy, and nutritious JAW Suhoor recipes, with the dads of all contenders acting as the judges.

Each episode ended on a cliffhanger with the score kept a secret, until the finale, driving our audience to stay tuned. JAW then collaborated with the winner’s mom to plan a customised experience with an expert in the field of the child’s preferred future ambition. Our winner, 11-year-old Maya, won a once-in-a-lifetime experience of spending a day with the famous George Khabbaz learning about the entertainment world as it was her dream to become an actress.



increase in watch time vs last year’s campaign


increase in fan base on YouTube


increase in market share May-June 2018


completed views were over-delivered by Shahid.net

The show was one of the top content pieces to watch on Shahid’s homepage and became part of the binge watcher’s playlist. The viewers showed interest in JAW’s YouTube channel and watched other content, which generated 10% organic views. But our real pride was the high engagement on our platforms. We might be a little brand, but the children’s ambitions that has always inspired us, led us to taste victory this Ramadan.