The face cleansers category is one of the most dynamic in the mass beauty market. But in 2017, growth rates slowed down. There is a high category differentiation, with a huge number of brands (more than 40).

Our challenge was to launch “Pure 3 in 1 Charcoal” successfully, in order to grow within the category, and at the same time not cannibalise our main product in the portfolio.

We also understood that for a successful launch of this new product, we not only needed to work with the existing audience, but also attract new brand consumers.

We decided to allocate the male segment into a separate communication, and target young people with the message that face cleanser application was normal.


In order to win the heart of Generation Z, direct advertising is not enough – it is important to engage them in communication with the help of native content and relevant influencers.

Unlike all previous generations, Generation Z trusts more ‘realistic’ and ‘down to earth’ influencers, rather than big celebrities. More than half of 13–24-year-old users do not miss the content of such opinion leaders.

In Ukraine, the perfect solution was the incredibly popular teenage girls from the Open Kids music band, who are first-year students: over 1.8 million people subscribe to their Instagram account, and tens of millions of people view their videos. We did not forget about young men; in our communication, the girls and their boyfriends were both present.


To build awareness, we focused on high-coverage channels to effectively reach our target at mass: TV and indoor in universities, but the main focus was digital.

The launch of “Pure 3 in 1 Charcoal” was conducted in several stages:

1.Coverage and targeted communication in Spring.

2.Teasing of the new influencer.

3.Digital activation with TV announcement in Summer.


We decided to arrange a “Pure Party” with the Open Kids: in a dancing video, girls from the band – along with their boyfriends – were preparing for a party with “Pure” and invited everyone to take part in the competition. Users were asked to share photos or videos on social networks about how they prepare for summer parties with one of the Garnier Skin Naturals “Pure” products. The main prize was loudspeakers that they could take with them to a party.


Sales of the Pure product range increased by 55.2%.

The main product “Pure 3 in 1” grew at 20% without cannibalising the product range.

We won over a new male audience for the brand: brand lift showed an incredible result – almost 50% of video ad recall among young men. And the share of men in ecommerce sales of ” Pure 3 in 1 Charcoal” was 16%.

In just two months of the Open Kids campaign, we received an instant response from the audience and communication engagement. And at the end of the four-week competition, we extend the activation for another two weeks because of the intense audience activity: more than 1600 photos and videos were published on Instagram.



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