Scholl, a traditional foot products brand, was becoming boring and forgotten. How could we make the brand exciting and engaging again, and prove to consumers that we are the leading foot expert?  The business objective was to increase sales of Scholl insoles and related foot products by 10% – with the same budget as last year. To reach the sales objective, we needed to increase 1) brand awareness and 2) product relevance.

Insight & Idea

Insoles are low-involvement products, and there is basically no demand for it until an actual (urgent) need occurs. So how could we gain attention in the right moment, and prove that Scholl’s insoles provide comfort and can make a difference?

May 17th is Norway’s Constitution Day – the one day in the year when all Norwegians are out and about, walking around all day watching the children’s parades. This was our opportunity! Marching bands are the backbone of the celebrations, and no one walks more than they do. Every spring, 1 700 marching bands from across the country prepare for this big day. Our idea was to create the longest march with marching bands in Norwegian history: walking 200 kilometers via significant Norwegian cities.


We would share the experience through owned and paid media, using social media as our main media hub. The march could be followed live on Facebook, with other media channels leading consumers to the site.

We made a video teaser introducing our ultra-runner Bjørn Tore and Scholl’s challenge to him: to march 200 km, wearing a marching band uniform, drums and in-soles from Scholl. The video was distributed on Facebook, YouTube and Instagram to a broad target group to maximize reach and create a curiosity for the challenge.

We made it possible for people to to follow the march live every day, through a broad banner campaign, we invited consumers to follow the ‘Scholl March Challenge’ on Facebook. We served live content before, during and after each visit, as well as daily posts.



sales increase

2.1 M

total reach.


brand awareness.