China has the single highest number of traffic deaths in the world (261,000) and 165,000+ auto breakdowns annually (32,000+ in US), causing approximately USD300 million economic loss. With 200 million personal cars on the road, and double-digit growth in ownership, this is becoming a major issue. Many of these can be avoided with better car maintenance. Barriers to good maintenance are cost, time, location and lack of ‘learning by osmosis’. SGM sees a social responsibility to inculcate maintenance best practices and opportunity to increase visits to authorized service centres.

Insight and Idea

Car owners needed to appreciate that, just as their own body does, a car goes through wear-and-tear too, and therefore requires care & maintenance. So, we created a unique ID, ‘MyCarPulse’, for each of the 20 million cars to interact with individual owners and building awareness that their car is dynamically unique and constantly being shaped by their own driving pattern, care and treatment.


‘MyCarPulse’ individualised cars with hyper-personalised SMS / WeChat messages that allowed owners to get timely lifestyle-relevant feedbacks from their car and also bring to life their on-the-road experiences. We developed the messages based on AI-powered 5-dimension owner profile including driving pattern, lifestyle and car condition, drawn from AI-powered state-of-the-art HADOOP framework of CRM, dealership, OnStar and WeChat community databases.

This includes ‘MyCarPulse’ daily WeChat emoji indices on wellness, diagnostics and driving profile, alerts for situations requiring immediate and in-depth advice, AI-powered chatbot for education, interactive solution and customized service invitations that fit owners’ lifestyle such as bringing forward their service date after a long-distance bumpy drive.



increase in service centre registrations.


increase in owner club registrations.


increase in sharing of posts.