In Poland, as in many other markets, OTC pharmaceuticals are one of the most conventional advertising categories. All competitors communicate similar functional messages in the same media channels (TV and radio) and the ability of a brand to stand out and grow is often a function of available advertising budget.

Magne B6 was a category leader, but its major competitor, Neomag (owned by the biggest media spender in Poland) overspent us by almost 2,5 times in 2016.

We’ve faced a dilemma: should we stay in safe category trend or take a risk of being a game changer and find a new path of communication with consumers, different from overwhelming category convention.

stress smart 7

Insight & Idea

“Turn the stress into something positive”.

Stress is a common phenomenon. 98% of Poles declare to experience it, and almost one in five cope with it every day. Even though commonly experienced, stress is treated as something negative that we should avoid or pretend it does not exist.

Contrary to that, we wanted to present stress not as an enemy, but a companion, with which we can come to an agreement and that doesn’t frighten or dominate us. That it is just a common piece of life, which, under circumstances, we are able to manage.