Throughout the year, many Macedonians listen to music and enjoy songs… but when the summer comes they’re looking for more: a music experience that will make them feel alive. And making people feel alive is what Heineken is all about – that’s why Heineken takes part in the biggest music event in Macedonia, the Green Beach Festival. 

Our challenge was to promote the Green Beach festival, but more important for us was to help peopole start living the Heineken musical experience. We wanted people to show us not only how they listen to their music, but how they live it, feel it and “see it”.


Insight & Idea

We wanted to find out how people ‘see’ their music. Are Heineken consumers so into their music that they can really see it, not only listen to it.  Heineken asked the crowd to visualise their music experience to win free tickets for the festival.

So how can we visualise music? It’s easy to do through social media by only using emojis!  Knowing that people love to use emojis in their communication, all it needed was this one good idea and a little encouragement to create a big buzz on social media.