The ONE, a popular Home Decor store in the region, had an ambitious sales objective for their new Autumn collection launch – an increase of 18% (21,000) in sofa sales for fiscal year 17/18.  This would be a year which consumers are trying to save every penny due to the weak economic situation the region.

Furniture is a highly competitive category, due to the constant influx of expats, driven mainly by sales and promotions. With The ONE’s inheritance of being perceived as an unaffordable and inaccessible brand, our challenge was to build a campaign that will bring the brand closer to the audience.

Sofa stories 2

Insight & Idea

Homes are an extension of who we are, and each piece of furniture represents and expresses our target audiences’ personal sense of style. Shoppers are always looking for pieces that reflect their personality and allow them to be unique, especially when choosing critical statement pieces for the house such as sofas. #TheONESofaStories is an entertaining video series of hero sofas, each having their own charismatic, human-like character, based on their specific style, with a story linked to their owner’s personality traits and lifestyle.