Transforming Publicis Groupe into a Platform

On May 24, Publicis Groupe unveiled Marcel. This AI-powered innovation will enable the first truly borderless, frictionless workforce, comprised of 80,000 employees worldwide, further transforming the Groupe from a holding company to a platform, and ushering in a new era of creativity and innovation.

With Marcel’s user design and experience built by Publicis.Sapient and brand identity created by Publicis Communications’ BBH, the platform is powered by Microsoft AI and knowledge graph technologies, and built on four pillars:

Power of Knowledge
Educates and inspires our our people through creative work and illuminating business, industry, account and cultural intelligence.

Power of Connectivity
Finds, matches, casts and and suggests the most appropriate people within within the Groupe to connect, depending on needs, interests, behavioral patterns and desires.

Power of Opportunity
Provides a multitude of ways that each person can can contribute, participate participate and flex their skills and passions on other projects beyond their their day-to-day accounts. accounts.

Power of Productivity
Turns the often tedious and and highly-manual processes like timesheets and expenses into seamless and incredibly easy tasks.

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