VivaTech is one of the world’s largest technology events that celebrates today’s innovations and tomorrow’s possibilities. It’s for everyone who believes in the power of technology to transform business and society.

Each year, Publicis Media’s global innovation leaders come together to share their insights and discoveries with our clients in attendance, highlighting the best exhibitors and helping make sense of the complex technology landscape. Here are four critical observations borne from the client tours offered at 2018’s show.

Advancements in Natural Language Processing

We met such companies as Cochlear.AI who aim to ‘create ears for artificial intelligence’ by analysing differences in verbal utterances to understand user demographics as well as the emotional state behind any verbal instruction. This could have implications for how we interact with our voice assistants in the home, for instance a stern command versus a softly spoken one, or children versus adults.

Immersive Displays Abound

Vendors such as VisioPM whose large-format lenticular 3D screen offers a highly impactful point-of-sale solution, Orbis and their impressive suspended LED holograms, or Holusion’s ‘Pepper’s Ghost’ inspired 3D display cabinets, were just some of the high-tech displays that stood out at the show. For certain brands and launches, we’d encourage experimentation with novel display formats such as these – many were genuinely eye-popping, drawing large crowds through their novelty value.

Augmented Reality Retail

A host of excellent AR experiences were on display at the show, best of which was L’Oreal’s Modiface technology which enables virtual try-on of various hair colours via a ‘magic mirror’ with  an impressively low error rate. We also loved Holooh whose green screen photography studio captures photorealistic models in 360° for use in highly dynamic AR applications – perfect for fashion. Technologies such as these are best to be partnered with, rather than built in-house, meaning the latest advancements can always be accessed rather than wedding oneself to a single AR solution.

End-to-End Journey Optimisation

We saw how technology could help automate pre & post sales for online shoppers. *Beyable* for instance, offer a system which applies attribution modelling techniques on a site wide basis to extract insights to understand which website content drives sales and to what effect, v. useful for e-commerce teams. *Kronos Care* on the other hand, offer each shopper a personalised order fulfilment microsite dynamically displaying when their package will arrive, aggregating a host of branded content and customer service elements to their post-purchase experience to deliver and end-to-end experience.

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