Zenith has published a special edition of its data & insights publication, Global Intelligence, focused on eight key areas of focus for marketers over the coming year. Called 2018 The Year Aheadbuilds on our previous annual trends reports, this year acknowledging that many areas of real opportunity for marketers have been developing over the past couple of years. We have clustered these areas of emerging of opportunity and focus under four headings: Trust, inclusivity, immediacy and seamless Interaction.



Articles from this publication

The post-truth world

From fake news to news clean-up. Predictions for 2017 The concept of post-truth has been in existence for decades, but there was a...


New kids on the blockchain

From ‘secure collaboration’ to ‘total trust and transparency’ Predictions for 2017 Trust has always been the central challenge of human collaboration at scale....


The new consumer pro-activity

From dissatisfaction to social protest. Predictions for 2017 Another theme that dominated 2017 news was the rise of populism. We saw the nationalist...


Rethinking targeting

From Gen Z to perennial marketing Predictions for 2017 Targeting is crucial in identifying new sources of business growth. The twenty-something demographic is...


Experience on demand

From token service to built-in ‘immediate’ service   Predictions for 2017 The experience economy was the big headline in most 2017 trend reports....


Artificial Intelligence

From ‘basic applications’ to ‘dynamic applications’ Predictions for 2017 This has been a seminal year for artificial intelligence (AI), with much of the...


Shop as you view

From static content-shopping to live-stream retail Predictions for 2017 The ways in which we shop have changed dramatically, and many trend reports predicted...


The Voice

From ‘simple skills’ to ‘seamless interaction’ Predictions for 2017 Voice is the next big step in computing, after the transition from desktop to...

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