Zenith publishes Global Intelligence issue 4

Welcome to the fourth edition of Global Intelligence, our quarterly magazine about the transformation of media and communications.

Our regular round-up of adspend trends demonstrates how online video, social media and native advertising – all forms of digital display in a broad sense – are leading growth in global adspend. Brands are shifting their budgets into these channels because that’s where consumers are headed: faster data connections and better displays are encouraging consumers to spend more time using their mobile devices, connecting with their friends on social media and viewing videos and other content.

But television remains central to brand advertisers, delivering mass reach and strongly conveying brand values. In this issue we look in detail at FMCG, and show how television has become even more important to FMCG brands over the last few years, even during the rise of the internet.

We also look at how FMCG brands are using global and local pages to engage consumers on social media, and how FMCG companies are reacting to shareholder pressure to improve margins and stimulate growth.

This issue doesn’t just concentrate on FMCG, however. In addition to our regular articles on start-ups, digital giants and search, we look at topics that are relevant to all brands. This include a new way of planning across the full range of consumer experience to make sense of the complex environment in which brands now operate;  how to use AI to tailor and optimise content; why this will enhance, not supplant, human creativity; and the potential value of blockchain technology to the advertising industry.