Campofrío is a historical Spanish food brand with many national products in its catalogue of which Spaniards are truly fond of (ham, chorizo and salchichón sausages, among others). With that essence at its core, the brand positioning has been focused for many years in celebrating Spaniards’ way of life with the corporate claim “Let nothing and no-one stand in our way of enjoying life”. Up until the briefing, that philosophy led to all kinds of campaigns and contents where the brand celebrated national humour. But now they wanted to take that celebration to a more emotional level and do it as value added content that people would love to enjoy both for pride and entertainment reasons. Campofrío’s objective was to be talked about with as little standard ad investment as possible. It wanted to drive and be part of a positive national conversation.

Insight & Idea

We thought the best way to celebrate Spain’s way of enjoying life was having Campofrío produce the first-ever co-created movie in which Spaniards themselves tell us about it in short movie clips. We partnered with the best producer for that format, Ridley Scott, and other great professionals such as Isabel Coixet, Tim Robbins, Ben Kingsley, Juliette Binoche, Denis Hopper, Alberto Iglesias and Javier Mariscal. A movie totally created by real Spaniards, in which great industry professionals would work but just by putting the pieces together and making it emotional and entertaining. Campofrío’s positioning would naturally give meaning to everything in the movie by opening and closing it with its claim: “Let nothing and no-one stand in our way of enjoying life”.


Clips were to be recorded and sent in one single day, so we needed to build up towards that moment. People had to feel impatient about it, so we started out weeks in advance. This way people could start thinking ahead. Before D-day, director and prescribers were present on TV almost every single day giving tips, insisting on the deadline, the world-class professionals involved, the real-world premiere in a film festival. All, to highlight the importance, dimension and fan part of the project to make people realise how big it was. Finally, there were 4 big questions Spaniards had to answer in their clips: What do you love, what do you believe in, what do you dream of, and what do you fear. Also, prescribers’ messages from TVE’s own team and not were aired both integrated in programs and in self-promotion blocks.



impacts in earned media.


videos received in one day.


of the population reached.