Welcome to the fifth edition of Global Intelligence

Zenith has published the fifth edition of Global Intelligence, its quarterly magazine about the transformation of media and communications.

This edition leads with current outlook for the global ad market, taken from Zenith’s latest quarterly advertising forecasts, and tracks the evolution of the big digital platforms. It then provides essential information and advice for marketers seeking to understand the latest developments in advertising and communications, including:

  • Start-ups harnessing the power of AI for brands
  • How AI resolves the paradox of consumer choice
  • Developments in shoppable content and live-stream retail
  • How sporting superstars fuel brand conversations online
  • The integration of search with shopping
  • Best practices for auction dynamics
  • Category insights, focusing on alcohol marketing
Articles from this publication

Brand growth through digital media

The principal theme of the advertising market over the past few years has been the growth of internet advertising. It accounted for 38%...


Global advertising confidence rises rapidly

Confidence in the global ad market is currently improving rapidly. We now forecast global adspend to rise 4.6% this year, up from our...


Advertisers focus on digital brand experiences

Amid growing industry speculation about cuts to digital advertising budgets, we have found no evidence that advertisers as a whole are shifting budgets...


Adspend in France

France is the eighth-largest ad market in the world, and the third-largest in Europe. It struggled during the eurozone crisis in the first...


Start-up watch

This time on start-up watch, we look at four exciting start-ups that are harnessing the power of artificial intelligence for brands. Spectrum Messenger apps...


Snapchat – a year after its IPO

Snapchat has celebrated its first anniversary as a public company. How is it performing, for investors, users and brands? Like any publicly listed...


Artificial Intelligence resolves paradox of consumer choice

Consumers face so much choice in online shopping that they can be paralysed into indecision. AI allows brands to personalise the choices offered...


In focus: Alcohol

Marketing imperatives: Alcohol brands still depend on mass-media advertising for communicating their values to consumers. But the rising tide of legal restrictions around...


How sporting superstars fuel brand conversations online

Sport plays a powerful role in connecting people, on social media as well as in the flesh. Fans are passionate and engaged, and...


Auction Dynamics: how to cut through the noise

Advertisers trying to understand how the current programmatic workflow affects their marketing budgets are faced with a daunting task. With a vast array...


Search and shopping get closer

The paid search market is slowing as it approaches US$100bn in size, a milestone it will reach next year. But the integration of...


Shoppable content set to take off

Shoppable content began as a way of turning visual images into sales, and is now moving into online video and live-stream retail, which...

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