This time on start-up watch, we look at four exciting start-ups that are harnessing the power of artificial intelligence for brands.


Messenger apps are becoming the favourite way to communicate remotely for more and more
people, especially the young. But brands need to be able to conduct true conversations if they are to use them to engage with consumers. Spectrm is a team of experts in conversational AI, who develop messenger apps and build bots tailored to deliver content and brand engagement.


Personalisation is big business online, where it allows brands to use data to maximise the value of their
transactions. It is tough for offline stores to do the same. Facenote offers a facial recognition technology
that allows stores to recognise their repeat customers, allowing them to tailor their products and services to individual preferences, and offer rewards to their most valuable customers.


Voice is the fastest-growing way in which people interact with their devices and online services.
Opearlo is a voice interaction agency, which makes products, services and content accessible by voice,
through Amazon Alexa, Google Home and Microsoft Cortana.


Web forms and online checkouts can be difficult and frustrating to use. Many potential customers
start the checkout process but give up before they complete it. Formisimo offers a machine-learning
method to increase conversions on forms and checkouts, automatically, using self-learning actions to
rescue sales that would otherwise be lost.

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