The spread of mobile devices and rapid mobile data networks is transforming the way people consume media and interact with brands.

People around the world consume nearly a quarter of all their media using mobile devices, and mobile consumption is rising rapidly. Mobile technology is expanding the total amount of time people spend with media, by giving people access to essentially unlimited content almost everywhere, and at any time of the day. But it is also eating into the amount of time spent with practically all of the traditional media.

Advertisers are following consumers and are rapidly shifting budgets into mobile advertising, as we discuss in our summary of global adspend by medium. Mobile advertising is growing even faster than mobile media consumption, and is likely to overtake television advertising in scale within the next three years. However, this shift has implications for customer acquisition: mobile advertising is less effective at driving recall among people who are not yet customers than many traditional media, particularly television.

The rise of mobile is transforming search, and smartphones are now responsible for more than half of all paid search clicks worldwide. But the rise of voice assistants promises even more change in the near future, and we discuss why this means that getting the first position in search results is more important than ever.

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