In this quarter’s Start-up watch, we look at four start-ups that help brands personalise their products for individual consumers.


Scentbird is a subscription service that delivers luxury and hard-to-find fragrances to its subscribers each month. It uses artificial intelligence techniques to match individual subscribers to their ideal scent, using aggregated data on the preferences of its customers over time.

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FINDMINE’s ‘complete the look’ technology recommends new fashion products based on products that the customer has already chosen, style and clothing size. This works both online and offline, in the latter case using digital displays to allow customers to try on the recommendations virtually

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Savitude allows online fashion sites to offer a select range of clothing to its customers based on their
shape and proportion. It uses simple tools to allow customers to describe their body type then matches
the results with available inventory, giving them the confidence to shop online without trying out the
clothes in person.

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Based on the recognition that the colour known as ‘nude’ does not match the skin tone of 84% of the population, Nudest’s NUDEMETER technology a user’s true skin tone and uses AI to find and fashion items that match or complement that . Nudest was the grand prize winner in the Digital Program that we ran with Coty in June.

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