The three Vs – visual, voice, video – are all helping to drive growth in brands’ search investments in a powerful way in 2019 and beyond. They are being deployed to smooth the path to purchase across the journey, from discovery and consideration to purchase.


The rise of visual search

Visual search isn’t new, but is reaching a turning point with consumers. Visual search capabilities are now dovetailing with search engines and social media platforms frequented by younger customers, who rely on imagery and are gaining more disposable income.

The Intent Lab, a research partnership between Performics and Northwestern University, found that 36% of consumers This research reveals that shoppers want visual content to have conducted a visual search. 59% of consumers think that aid decision-making across the consumer journey, especially visual information is more important than textual information, when they’re close to purchase. This visual content must across all categories. Respondents were most reliant on align with consumer mind-sets at the relevant moments in visual information in the clothing and furniture categories. the shopping journey.


Voice search ranks among the most important future digital strategies

According to a recent Digital Marketing Institute (DMI) survey of senior worldwide marketing professionals, 41% believe that voice search will be “most important” for their company’s overall digital strategy by 2020. While voice search trails in importance compared to strategies like machine learning, AR/VR and hyper personalisation, it’s still top-of-mind as brands prepare for that moment when a critical mass of people start buying things by voice on their smart speakers or smartphones.

Research from the Intent Lab conducted in Q4 2018 found that shoppers are most interested in buying household items (19%), meals (15%), and groceries (13%) through voice.

Video search results aid consumers in the shopping journey

Video clearly influences consumers’ cognitive processes while they’re discovering and considering products and services to buy, making it an opportunity for brands to create excitement and curiosity for consumers, especially earlier in the decision journey. According to the Intent Lab’s Q4 2018 research, video was 1.2 times more effective than text for consumers with a browsing goal.




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