Zenith has published the ninth edition of Global Intelligence, its quarterly magazine about the transformation of media and communications.

As usual it leads with current outlook for the global ad market, taken from Zenith’s latest quarterly advertising forecasts, and tracks the evolution of the big digital platforms. It then shares insights into the transformation of media and communications from across the global Zenith network and the Publicis Media practices, including:

  • Why brands can use augmented reality to create rich connections with consumers
  • How data and technology can help brands and retailers work together more effectively
  • Why direct-to-consumer brands are here to stay
  • How blockchain technology can help tackle ad fraud and a lack of transparency in digital advertising
  • Why personal recommendations, paid media near the point of sale, and search results that offer solutions to current problems are particularly effective for healthcare brands
Articles from this publication

The rise of internet advertising challenges brands to grasp new communications opportunities

Welcome to the ninth edition of Global Intelligence magazine, Zenith’s quarterly magazine about the global transformation of media and communications worldwide.   This...


Internet advertising will exceed half of global adspend in 2021

Internet advertising is booming, and will account for 52% of global advertising expenditure in 2021, smashing past the 50% mark for the first...


Challenger brands bring new money to the ad market

Digital challenger brands are helping to spur adspend growth by using venture capital to fund broad awareness campaigns across both digital and traditional...


Adspend in Australia

Following a downturn in advertising spend during the second half of 2018, particularly across television, we expect the Australian ad market to grow...


Augmented Reality will change content forever

Rapid advances in technology have changed the way we discover and consume content. New platforms like Netflix and Spotify have flourished because they...


Lessons for advertisers from the earnings season

As the latest earnings season for the digital giants – Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Netflix and Google – ends, we take a closer look...


Enhance your e-commerce partnerships

Data and tech advancements provide an opportunity for seamless integrations between brands and retailers. As a result of GDPR, most companies have cleaned...


In focus: Healthcare

Marketing imperatives Healthcare is personal: consumers trust what experts and their friends tell them. Investment in generating positive earned media will be well...


In focus: Healthcare continued

Marketing imperatives Pharma brands should use social media to foster positive relationships with experts The more a pharma brand tweets, the more Twitter...


Blockchain beyond the hype

Blockchain is an exciting new technology, and its evangelists expect it to solve a plethora of ad tech problems for brands, agencies, publishers,...


New demand and images drives growth in search

Increased investment in paid search by direct-to-consumer brands, and more opportunities for visual storytelling in search, promise to drive continued expansion in search...


D2C is here to stay

Direct-to-consumer (D2C) brands are no longer just digital natives – heritage brands are also rebuilding their business models to create direct connections with...

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