Welcome to Business Intelligence – Travel, the ninth of Zenith’s Business Intelligence reports, which analyse the advertising, business and consumer behaviour trends shaping different categories.

The travel industry has suffered profound disruption since the onset of the pandemic, probably more than any other industry in recent history. Although demand for travel is now recovering, changes in regulations, technology and consumer expectations will shape the development of the industry for years to come. The rise of video calls means airlines and hotels groups will have to rethink their business models to adapt to less business travel, often the mainstay of their profits. Consumers are demanding more sustainable travel, and spending more time holidaying in their home countries.

Measures introduced to control the pandemic have increased bureaucracy and expense of travel, giving travel brands the opportunity to strengthen their relationships with consumers by providing digital assistance to smooth their journeys. Travel brands already spend more of their budgets on digital advertising than other brands, but their digital expenditure will continue to grow as they aim to turn travel into an end-to-end digital experience, from research and discovery to navigating airports and the final destination.

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