Zenith has published the sixth edition of Global Intelligence, its quarterly magazine about the transformation of media and communications.

This edition leads with current outlook for the global ad market, taken from Zenith’s latest quarterly advertising forecasts, and tracks the evolution of the big digital platforms. It then provides essential information and advice for marketers seeking to understand the latest developments in advertising and communications, including:

  • Mobile tech changing the world, but traditional media are still vital
  • Adspend growth in Asia Pacific
  • How closing the sales and marketing gap can maximise eCommerce opportunities
  • Marketing imperatives for building trust in an age of zero interface
  • How search is a goldmine of behavioural insights
  • Voice and smartphones are changing the search experience
  • Category insights, focusing on technology
Articles from this publication
Thought Leadership

Mobile tech is changing the world, but traditional media are still vital

The spread of mobile devices and rapid mobile data networks is transforming the way people consume media and interact with brands. People around the world consume...

Thought Leadership

Asia Pacific is the main driver of global adspend growth

We forecast global advertising expenditure to grow by US$75bn between 2017 and 2020. US$32bnof that will come from Asia Pacific. In our latest...

Thought Leadership

Mobile share of advertising market to exceed 30% in 2020

As brands continue to shift budgets to mobile advertising, they must reassess their approach to customer acquisition to ensure they continue to reach...

Thought Leadership

Adspend in the Czech Republic

The Czech Republic has a relatively well-developed ad market, with per-capita adspend nearly three times higher than the Central & Eastern European average....

Thought Leadership

Start-up watch

In this quarter’s Start-up watch, we look at four start-ups that help brands personalise their products for individual consumers. Scentbird Scentbird is a subscription...

Thought Leadership

Building trust in an age of zero interface

Voice represents the logical next step in the evolution of how we interact with information. It’s more natural than using a touchpad or keyboard, takes...

Thought Leadership

In focus: Technology

Technology is reshaping the world, and fundamentally changing the relationship between brands and consumers. With constant development of new products and services, technology...

Thought Leadership

Search is a goldmine of behavioural insights

You can tell a lot about someone from their search  history. We turn to search engines for simple directions, suggestions for what to buy, and...

Thought Leadership

Voice and smartphones are changing the search experience

New technologies are changing the ways brands should approach search. The growing use of voice assistants means brands should place greater priority on...

Thought Leadership

Programmatic opens up new paths to growth

Over two thirds of online display advertising across the globe will be traded programmatically within 12 months. In the most advanced markets, that figure will...

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