Zenith has published the eighth edition of Global Intelligence, its quarterly magazine about the transformation of media and communications.

As usual it leads with current outlook for the global ad market, taken from Zenith’s latest quarterly advertising forecasts, and tracks the evolution of the big digital platforms. It then shares insights into the transformation of media and communications from across the global Zenith network and the Publicis Media practices, including:

  • Why brands should target by mind-set instead of age
  • The rise of e-commerce advertising
  • How brands can work most effectively with retailer websites
  • Using shoppable content to monitor the ROI of owned content
  • Why auto brands need to make better use of search, social and video ads
  • The importance of using promoted posts on Facebook, and why auto brands are investing in Instagram for the long term
Articles from this publication
Thought Leadership

Rising markets support steady global adspend growth

Global adspend continues to grow, as fast-growing markets in Central & Eastern Europe, Asia Pacific and Latin America play an ever more important...

Thought Leadership

Personal and targeted communication is driving ad growth

Online video and paid search are driving the growth in global adspend, as advertisers focus on personalised and targeted communications. Advertisers are increasing...

Thought Leadership

Adspend in Singapore

After several years of decline, Singapore’s ad market is forecast to pick up speed over the next few years. The economy grew better...

Thought Leadership

Brands are now embracing e-commerce ads globally

E-commerce advertising is well established in China, but is only just starting to get going globally. It has the potential to transform the...

Thought Leadership

Brands need to make the most of retailer media

Marketing imperatives Don’t rely solely on Amazon – competition here will only get more intense Make sure you have a clear understanding of...

Thought Leadership

Category insights: Automotive

Marketing imperatives For auto brands, television is still the most important medium for paid advertising, particularly because new car buyers are heavy viewers...

Thought Leadership

Social insights: Automotive

Marketing imperatives Brands using Facebook need to invest in promoted posts to ensure their posts are seen, and have the best chance of...

Thought Leadership

Shoppable content: the future of branded video

Brands’ investment in original digital video has nearly doubled over the last three years, and this growth will continue. What began this decade...

Thought Leadership

Adding value with visual, voice and video search

The three Vs – visual, voice, video – are all helping to drive growth in brands’ search investments in a powerful way in...

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