Publicis Groupe and Adobe last week announced a partnership to develop the Always-On Platform, a single platform to automate and connect all of a client’s marketing efforts: building and segmenting audiences, modelling marketing investments, optimising campaigns, facilitating rapid exchange of creative assets and driving integrated working across our brands.

The Always-On vision is to be the industry’s first end-to-end marketing platform. And will have five main benefits for clients:

  1.  it helps makes Publicis Groupe teams work together better. Always-On enables client teams across all Publicis Groupe agencies to share information and work together in a single environment, streamlining their ability to create and deliver unique value to clients.
  2.  it produces unparalleled insight into audiences. The partnership will assemble the industry’s most robust collection of anonymous data, allowing client teams to better identify, segment and target prospective consumers and expand relationships with existing customers. Technology will help us organise all of this information, and co-ordinate it with human insights from across Groupe agencies. It will substantially improve agencies’ ability to build, scale and reach audiences that matter most to clients.
  3.  it moves the market past last-click attribution – the assumption that consumer actions should be attributed to the last marketing contact – to true multi-touch attribution and planning. The platform allows agencies to identify precisely which touch points inspire a consumer to act, helping to eliminate waste for advertisers and invest strategically in the marketing efforts that drive conversion.
  4.  it automates and co-ordinates marketing efforts across multiple channels. This will become more important as screens and devices proliferate, and consumers come to expect seamless communication across all the media channels they access. Always-On will empower Groupe agencies to drive campaign efficiency and engagement across the full customer journey to reach audiences that matter at the highest moments of receptivity.
  5.  it will give client teams full control over digital creative assets. Wherever they sit inside the network, teams will be able to create and tailor assets that resonate most effectively with the specific audiences they have identified as key to their campaigns, and synchronise and serve them across multiple channels and devices. From creation to delivery, client teams can create and shepherd content through the entire lifecycle of global branding and multichannel distribution.

Always-On will drive effectiveness and efficiency of communication, and will help ZenithOptimedia and its sister agencies deliver better, integrated consumer experiences.

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