Millions of impressions served, but are they resulting in improvement of the brand funnel? That’s a question most advertisers are asking their media partners. This is all due to massive clutter created across screens. The average time on digital screens went up by 25% post pandemic. There is surely a steep increase in screen time, along with increase in number of co-viewing screens. 

For many of us, rightly, this is an opportunity, but the key question is: Is the consumer paying attention to millions of messages?

An average human attention span has decreased from 12 seconds to 8.5 seconds by a recent study (Source: Wyzowl research 2011). Shocking but true, the average time on a high interest website is less than 1 minute, which accounts for only 28% of words on the page!

As advertisers, we would like our messaging to resonate with consumers and guide them through an omni-channel journey to find what they need.

In our role, advising and working with marketers, we find there are three golden rules when it comes to capturing consumer attention and driving brand/ purchase funnel movement:

  • Find the right placement – Identify most receptive environment and identify the efficient placement.
  • Communicate the right way – Consumers engage in most rewarding communication. Look for innovative and disruptive formats.
  • Define right quality of impressions – Better quality reach derives better business results.

It is imperative to have defined success metrics and optimise for attention. These need to be defined basis tests and experiments with brand KPIs like consideration and purchase intent and business KPIs like share, profit, and penetration.

To enable these measurable attention metrics, advertisers need to partner with tech-based solution providers that enable brands to identify the right mix of platforms, format and creatives.


Author: Jasmine Sachdeva, Senior Vice-President, Zenith India

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