Zenith has published the seventh edition of Global Intelligence, its quarterly magazine about the transformation of media and communications.

This edition leads with current outlook for the global ad market, taken from Zenith’s latest quarterly advertising forecasts, and tracks the evolution of the big digital platforms. It then provides essential information and advice for marketers seeking to understand the latest developments in advertising and communications, including:

  •  How search and social will drive 67% of adspend growth by 2020
  •  Adspend growth Greece
  •  Opportunities for creating more personalised brand experiences
  •  Marketing imperatives for finding the right e-commerce partnerships
  •  Content marketing in 2019
  •  How programmatic trading had evolved and the right supply partners can unlock value
  •  Category insights, focusing on financial services
Articles from this publication
Thought Leadership

Steady growth in global adspend to continue

We forecast global advertising expenditure to grow steadily out to 2020, maintaining the 4%-5% pace it has held at since 2011. In our...

Thought Leadership

Search and social to drive 67% of adspend growth by 2020

Search is benefiting from the application of artificial intelligence techniques and integration with commerce, while social platforms are starting to compete directly with...

Thought Leadership

Adspend in Greece

Greece was one of the ad markets that suffered the most after the 2008 financial crisis.  Following its emergence from the bailout programme in...

Thought Leadership

Introducing the digital twin

A new concept in computer science – the digital twin – is being used to increase business effectiveness across industries. By applying it to...

Thought Leadership

Finding the right e-commerce partnerships

Marketing imperatives  Identify how your customers navigate between their devices  Evaluate the experiences each retailer provides on different devices  Understand each retailer’s CRM programme and personalisation...

Thought Leadership

In focus: Financial services

As established financial services brands face new competition from fintech start-ups, they are focusing on crafting emotional brand stories tailored for different audiences, and...

Thought Leadership

In focus: Financial services cont.

Marketing imperatives Identify your customers’ different expectations on different social media channels, and shape your communications to fit Monitor conversations about your brand and respond to problems...

Thought Leadership

Content marketing in 2019

Brands need to evolve their content strategy to keep pace with the constant shifts in content sourcing, viewing and sharing habits. We have identified...

Thought Leadership

Unlock programmatic value with the right supply partners

As programmatic trading has evolved, it has become less clear where revenues are flowing, what fees are being imposed and how auctions are being...

Thought Leadership

Retailers embrace the search experience

Retailers are making greater use of search than ever, using powerful shopping listings to drive sales directly, but also to focus on capturing...

Thought Leadership

Marketing under GDPR

The European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) has been in effect for a few months now, representing the most radical overhaul of...

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