Amazon is an amazing partner for growth for businesses looking to succeed in the digital commerce ecosystem.

Whilst many categories have already exploded on Amazon, others, like beauty, personal care and food and beverage have high conversion rates but still show a huge margin for growth in terms of volume as people increasingly choose to buy these types of products online.

That is why last week – thanks to the extraordinary support of the Global Media Director for one of our global clients – we ran the Amazon Training – Digital IQ by Zenith WW at their Headquarters in Switzerland.

The session is part of a programme designed by Zenith WW to upskill our clients’ marketing, commerce and trade teams, helping them to tackle digital challenges in order to be leaders in their category.

I gave the training alongside my colleague Victoria Delaney, Commerce Director at Zenith, and we had the pleasure to ‘entertain’ not only their global team based in Switzerland, but also a vast majority of the local marketing and commerce teams who joined virtually. In total, two training sessions were attended by more than 150 people globally.

The session covered Amazon paid media activation as well as the fundamentals of retail readiness, from excellent SEO optimised content for product detail pages and brand stores, to backend categorisation and how to leverage the retail analytics tools that Amazon provides to vendors on the platform. In particular, we structured the material in five sections: introduction to Amazon, perfect fundamentals: content and retail, media and activation, tracking and reporting, and set-up and ways of working.

It is worth mentioning that the training was a condensed version of a much more extensive playbook delivered to the teams and local activation agencies to use as a self-service manual for the performance of their daily tasks on Amazon.

The attendees showed great engagement and asked some interesting questions: Whether there is an optimal level of organic search strength that can supplement or replace the need for paid search media; the reliability of Amazon ratings and reviews and the overall users’ sentiment towards themand the latest updates of Amazon business offerings.

The reaction from the teams was very positive and highlighted the appetite for actionable information around digital commerce.

‘Thanks to Michela Balestrini for leading this great training!’,  SVP, Digital Transformation

‘Very inspiring and great delivery!’  Global Digital & Innovation Senior Director

Was a great session’, Category Director Asia-Middle East-Africa-LATAM

Since Amazon is continuously evolving, our training will be refreshed and integrated with the leanings we recollect on a daily basis thanks to the activity in market.

The ambition for this global client and Zenith WW is creating a Hub for Commerce Excellence based in the Zenith WW London office, where dedicated specialists can share and integrate their expertise to define the golden recipe for Amazon across retail, paid media and content.

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