Zenith announces the appointment of Abelardo Ibáñez as the new CEO of Zenith in Spain. Abelardo will report in Spain to Fernando Rodriguez, CEO of Publicis Media Spain, and globally to Matt James, Global Brand President of Zenith. Its incorporation will be effective from next January.

Abelardo has global experience in data, technology and AI applied to marketing and communication, and with its incorporation Zenith is committed to transformation to lead an environment where technology and digital has definitely changed the way in which consumers relate With the marks.

Abelardo joins Zenith from Weborama, where he currently holds the position of International VP. He is a marketing, communication and media specialist with valuable experience in the digital world in the areas of MarTech and AdTech. He started his professional activity in Mediaset and has dedicated the last 15 years of his professional career to develop Weborama, both from a geographical point of view and of products and services. In this technology company he has worked for advertisers, agencies and media, with responsibility for global corporate clients, managed commercial and technology and data teams. The latest release was Weborama Data Services, a team that develops semantic and Artificial Intelligence (AI) consulting services in several markets.

For Fernando Rodríguez Varona “Zenith has always been a pioneer agency that has marked the way forward. Years ago we led a market where the key was in media and consumer research; In the last decade we have marked the way forward in what really matters, maximising the return on investment of our clients, through our ROI + tools and work methodology; and with the incorporation of Abe, we are committed to leading personalised communication at scale, knowing the consumer through his fingerprint, contacting him through relevant experiences and measuring the effects of those connections. The communication of the present and the future. ”

Abelardo Ibañez has pointed out “After more than 15 years in a company like Weborama, it is not easy to consider a change, but the transformative project, and undoubtedly the winner of Publicis Media and Zenith, seduced me immediately. I assume with great enthusiasm the great challenge that we have ahead of us in which the personalisation at scale and the knowledge of the consumer, relying on technology, data and talent, are key to helping our clients achieve their business objectives. I join this exciting project excited and convinced of both the vision, the strategy and especially the talent that both Zenith and Publicis Media have. ”


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