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At the 13th annual IAB Interact – IAB Europe’s flagship digital advertising conference – Zenith will discuss resolving the personalisation conundrum that is causing confusion for brands and agency planners alike. Here, Benoit Cacheux, Global Head of Digital & Innovation at Zenith, shares his thoughts on the latest industry trends and developments including identity management, transparency and, of course, personalisation!

What will Zenith be discussing at Interact?

This session discusses the enigma that surrounds personalisation in advertising. One of the best and most effective benefits of digital advertising is its promise to deliver precisely targeted messages to consumers. Because of this, the majority of today’s marketers are prioritising the pursuit of personalisation to retain and attract customers.

At the same time consumers are saying they want content to be personalised, they are also becoming increasingly resistant and sceptical to digital advertising, how their data is being used and to the technology that enables personalisation. At Zenith, we believe that brands need to take a more nuanced approach to personalisation in order to overcome this paradox. They need to invest in a data-led approach to value-exchange marketing and to make a clear distinction between serving relevant advertising and creating personalised experiences in their transformation plans.

Apart from your own, what’s your must-attend session at Interact?

I think the P&G session will be interesting because they’re known for making industry-rallying headlines at international advertising conferences. Last year, at IAB US’ Leadership Summit, Keith Weed made it clear that the supply side must do better for the business by working with the right partners who are committed to improving the digital landscape, which in turn, will make their business better. It looks like Taide Guajardo will continue on this theme by discussing what they’re doing to take responsibility and improve marketing standards.

Following the same lines, I’m also looking forward to the IAB Tech Lab and TAG’s session on Ad Fraud because the IAB and other industry partners have come a long way to create a better, more effective advertising landscape. It will be good to hear their update on the latest regulatory initiatives and how we can continue work together to raise industry standards. I’m also looking forward to Mondelez’ session since they have recommitted to investing in new technologies and a ‘fast, focused and fearless’ marketing approach.

Why should people attend Interact?

IAB Interact is a preeminent event where all players within the advertising ecosystem come together to address, debate and act on the most pressing issues facing the industry. With a solid line-up of speakers across the two days, it also provides a great opportunity for networking with like-minded peers.

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