With technology advancing at an incredible rate and massive changes in the way in which consumers are engaging with advertising, media agencies are under pressure, now more than ever, to ensure that they are doing everything possible to implement cost efficient and effective advertising strategy. From both a technological and advertising standpoint, mobile is the first medium to come to mind and has seen these changes take place over the past few years. The mobile phone has moved from a simple device that essential fulfilled one key function (making and receiving calls/txts) to a multi-faceted, multi functional device that serves as the main platform consumers use to source information and entertainment and connect with the rest of the world. This change has already taken place, and savvy strategists are moving towards ensuring that mobile is included in almost every digital media plan.


You may be asking yourself what on earth any of this has to do with IPTV and the answer is very simple. We are currently bearing witness to the beginning stages of television going through a similar transformation from a single functioning piece of technology to a device that consumers can expect so much more from. Internet protocol Televisions (or Smart TV’s as they are more commonly known) are completely changing the way in which content is being consumed on TV screens by allowing consumers to take control of the content that they view.  By having access to the Internet on a television, consumers instantaneously have access to almost any and all content they desire from multiple sources. Although less than 2% of the NZ population currently own a Smart TV, over 50% have MySky, Tivo or a video recording device. This number has grown year on year and indicates that time-shifted, consumer controlled viewing is becoming the norm. Audiences are no longer bound by the restrictions of regular programmed television and are now, more than ever, recording shows, watching them when they choose and most importantly for advertisers, skipping ads.  They want more functionality, connectivity and access to content than ever before, from every piece of technology that they own. This fact, combined with the growing number of Kiwi’s regularly watching movies and TV shows on their computers (at 22% and 16% respectively) and you have a perfect storm for the landscape of Television, as we currently know it, to change forever.

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